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Hello and welcome to my fabulous world of design, where I put love, knowledge, and experience into creating a different vibe for your space before starting your Interior Design project. 

Through 3D conceptualization and visualization, using VR and other tools, I help you to be in charge of the design of your space and see firsthand, what the space feels like.

You can now experience and see the space in different color palettes, finishes, and lighting before starting your project. 

This will give you all the power financially, to select the right materials, with a guarantee and knowledge that you will love your newly curated space.

So, let's connect when you are ready to bring your vision to reality. I am here to assist!

Jeff is my partner and the licensed architect, who is a totally out-of-the-box kind of designer.


The spaces he creates are truly beautiful, and functional and tailored specifically to his client's desires and requirements.  

To learn more about him and his style visit:

Together at SpaceLineDesign, 

We bring magic to your projects!

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