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  • Consulting:                   
    Virtual - Zoom                     $125/hr                              
     In-Person - Site Visits        $450 per visit.

  • Full Interior Design:                                $10.75/sqf

    • Part One - ID Concept Development:             $4.25/sqf

    • Part Two - ID Concept Execution                   $6.50/sqf

  • Interior Design 3D Studies:                    $8.75/sqf

What is Concept Design and why it's truly the secret sauce for success in every design project? 

Think of Concept Design as the heartbeat of creativity, where all the design elements gather and thrive. It's the spark that transforms an idea, tailored to your tastes and budget into a meticulously planned and strategically executed reality.

A visual theme that evokes a specific mood by strategically using colors, textures, materials, space, and style, where you can experience and see the space in different finishes and lighting before starting your project. 


Concept Space Planning Studies of existing Floor Plan with slight modifications as needed, and created with 3D digital modeling for comprehensive studies of anticipated spaces with a couple revisions as we progress for material & color study options and layouts of furniture, flooring, walls, ceiling & and accents. 

Multiple study images as the project evolves into the presentation deliverables of:

Detailed Fat-Line Acad Floor plans with general dimensions.
10+ high res. Images of selected spaces. 
1 fly-through movie (1-2mins long) of these final spaces.
2 VR of selected spaces to be used with Oculus Rift II goggles.


Detailed Specific Interior Design All of the above Option A but with additional information covering New Space Planning including minor modification of proposed Wall Layouts with new dimensioned CAD plans of those areas, details & and notes, revisions, and presentations for study and coordination with builders.

 Also provided is the selection and specification of desired interior items: multiple color rendering studies of all rooms showing flooring, wall finishes, texture accents, ceiling lighting/switching layouts, drapery/fabrics, etc. Further detailing of ceiling soffits, walls, wine display, art niches, and other features such as custom-designed front entry door, built-in cabinetry, wall units, feature walls, and other specialty item specifications.
Sample procurement of Flooring, Paint, Marble, Surfacing, Cabinets, fabrics, etc for client’s review. 

Digital and Physical Mood board of main materials, colors, and textures 

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